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Lean Six Sigma 
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Areas of Expertise

Our experience and expertise as consultants is in the following areas:

Business Performance Improvement

The formulation and implementation of business improvement strategies, including:

  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Operational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Team Based Problem Solving Facilitation
  • Cost of Quality Audit
  • Business and Operational Modelling

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Lean Six Sigma

Assistance with implementation of Lean Six Sigma with a particular focus on services business, e.g. transaction processing centres, customer support and customers service environments, capital intensive process industries e.g. petrochemical, processing and mining. Our specific expertise includes:

  • Lean Six Sigma Training
  • Yellow Belt Advanced Program
  • Green Belt Program
  • Black Belt Program

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Project Management

The management of project type activities in across all industries, with a particular focus on addressing issues such as:

  • Project Management Effectiveness Review
  • New Product Development
  • Implementation Management
  • Multi-Project and Project Portfolio Management

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Maintenance Management

In Petrochemical, Process, Mining and Manufacturing organisations, with a particular focus addressing issues such as:

  • Maintenance Management Improvement
  • Maintenance Audit and Review
  • Computerised Maintenance Management Implementation
  • Maintenance Workflow Management
  • Maintenance Strategy Development

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